Does Being Her Biggest Dick Matter?

Does Being Her Biggest Dick Matter?

Size comparison is a common insecurity among men, but does it really matter?

As a woman’s number of sexual partners increases, the chances you have the biggest dick she’s experienced, decreases exponentially.

And that makes sense, scientifically.

However, it does depend on how you measure on the dick size calculator.

A penis that’s bigger than 7 inches, might even mean you will forever remain in the top 2 of her partners.

Which is quite impressive actually!

However, if you are under 6 inches, you are likely going to be among her ‘smallest penis’ experiences.

Maybe time to look at something like The Growth Matrix Program if that’s the case.

In fact, if a woman has had just 5 sexual partners, you would need to have a dick in the top 13% just to have a 50/50 chance of being her biggest.

These sorts of comparisons are a common source of insecurity for men and can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

Let’s take an honest look at how much this actually matters to women.

Sex Quality And Penis Size

A common source of this insecurity is the idea that you won’t be able to make her feel as good as she felt with a bigger guy.

So, how true is this?

A Scottish study from 2012 aimed to answer this question by surveying female university students.

Of the 323 participants, they identified 160 who 1) experienced vaginal orgasms and 2) had enough partners to compare size preferences.

Of these, 33.8% preferred larger penises, 60% said size made no difference, and 6.3% preferred smaller penises.

Additionally, 30% of the women surveyed said they never or rarely experienced vaginal orgasms regardless of partner size.

Many women are unable to achieve orgasm through penetration alone, and prefer clitoral stimulation to reach climax.

This leaves the 66 women who do experience vaginal orgasms but didn’t have enough partners to compare sizes.

If we exclude this group, we get that 54/257=21% of women in total that prefer larger penises. This number isn’t zero, but it is likely much lower than most men would assume.

Sex Toy Sizes

If you’re still not convinced, consider sex toy sales. If most women genuinely cared about larger dicks, the typical dildo size sold would likely also be large.

This does not appear to be the case. According to online sex toy retailers, the most commonly sold dildo size is 6 inches.

While this is larger than the average penis, this doesn’t include the fact that most dildos need some additional length to hold onto to be used effectively – penises come with a human body instead.

Additionally, another study of Lovehoney’s sales found that dildos over 7.25 inches were actually purchased more often by men than by women.

Final Thoughts On Penis Size

At the end of the day, it is true that some women prefer larger penises – in the same way that some men prefer larger breasts.

However, this percentage of women is likely much lower than popular culture would have you think.

Generally, men are far more concerned about penis size than women, and penis size falls very low on the list of attributes women find attractive.

So I repeat: being her biggest dick really doesn’t matter in most cases.

Even in some hypothetical situation where she does slightly care, just keep in mind that every relationship involves compromise.

Maybe she doesn’t have your exact ideal breast size or your favorite hair color – but obviously that doesn’t matter to you or you wouldn’t still be with her. By reading this article, you’ve almost certainly thought about this topic far more than she has.

If you’re still not convinced, try having an honest conversation about this with your partner.

But ultimately, it is important to try to focus on being the best partner you can be and not letting insecurities hold you back.


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